Interview Your Kids, part one

It’s no secret that I love, aka Parenting, Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. It’s a hilarious take on motherhood. If you don’t follow it, now’s your chance!

Anyway, Amber over there posted a two part series on interviewing your kids, and I thought it was fabulous, so I decided to play along.

This week is part one, where you interview your children about yourself. To keep things clear without being too lengthy, my 5 year old daughter’s answers are labeled D and my 3 year old son’s answers are labeled S.

How old am I?
D: 30
S: 3

How tall am I?*
D: 12 feet long
S: big

Where do I go with my friends?
D: Parties!
S: I don’t know. An ice cream place. You like ice cream.

What do I dream about at night?
D: Sometimes scary things, sometimes good things.
S: When you have bad dreams, you have a monster in your dreams. When you have good dreams you have an apple in your dreams.

What am I good at?
D: Cleaning
S: Playing Star Wars game**

What am I not good at?
D: I just don’t know
S: Playing the Ladybug Game***

What is my favorite thing to do?
D: Go to Target
S: Play Star Wars game

What makes me happy?
D: When I be good
S: No ants****

what makes me sad?
D: When we’re bad
S: Ants make you sad

Where is my favorite place to go?
D: Disney World
S: The place where I was scared of the lights. We hopped in a train and it didn’t have windows.*****

Now it’s your turn! Play along and ask your kids about yourself. Post back with some of their answers, I’d love to hear them.

siblings hugging, by Maryland family portrait photographer Jen Snyder

*I am 5’1″. These answers make me happy.

**I interrupted them playing Lego Star Wars on the XBox to ask them these questions. Also, Lego Star Wars is probably his most favorite thing in the world to play.

***True, true. It’s a preschooler board game. And I always come in last. Even when I try to win. Because we all know that most of the times we as parents play to lose, but I’m so bad at the Ladybug game that I actually try to win and I still don’t.

****Can you tell what issue we’ve been dealing with lately?

*****I have NO idea what he’s talking about. He’s been describing this place for a year now and we are still stumped. The best I can tell is maybe it was a dream?

© jen snyder 2013

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