the joy and simplicity of childhood

With the closing of my family portrait businesses, I’ve found the biggest thing I hem and haw over is silhouette portraits.

Maybe I should still do a few- they are so much fun.

Or maybe instead I will offer a class to teach you an easy way to do your own. I can teach it virtually, or it can be an in-person workshop for locals.

What would you prefer? Please let me know!

In the meantime, here is a silhouette session from this past summer. We had the most perfect sunset colors, and the most perfect kiddos running and playing in the dusk. I have the best clients- easy going, fun-loving mamas, and Dads/kids that enjoy not needing to dress up for photos, ha!

These sessions really are the best. No need to wipe messy faces or brush unruly hair. No need to shop for clothing or fight with your kids and husbands over what to wear. No need to worry about kids that won’t smile, or the dreaded fake smile that looks pained.

Silhouettes showcase the joy and simplicity of childhood, of warm weather and late nights, of the strong bonds of love in your family.

And the best part is- we are done in under 10 minutes to get you on your way. Stop on over on the way home from soccer and there’s still time for ice cream before bed.

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